META TRADER 4 No other trading platform is as used and loved around the world as the Meta Trader 4. As many as 90% of traders globally rely on the MT4 every day to trade Spot FX, Metals, and CFDs. Known for its user-friendly interface yet advanced functionality, the MT4 gets the job done every time.
Advanced Charting Features Technical analysis is the holy grail of successful online trading. Make use of advanced charting technology that includes over 30 built-in trading indicators with the option of importing your own custom tools. MT4 charting also allows chart customization to suit your preferences and the ability to toggle between 9 different timeframes.
Risk Management Tools Mitigate your trading risk and apply effective trading strategies with Stop Loss and Trailing Stop orders. Make use of the Take Profit order to cut down on the chance of opportunity loss by closing out profitable trades at pre-determined prices.
Diverse Account Types Choose the account type that suits your trading style and expected investment and take advantage of some of the most advanced and efficient trade settings. Different account types allow you to reinforce your trading with varying levels of ROYAL expert support from Personal Brokers and Market Specialists to Hot Calls.
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