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Improve your trading strategies using industry leading tools that give you a customisable view of the markets. Get up-to-the-minute coverage of over 8,000 global instruments spanning all asset classes including indices, Forex, and commodities - all accessible instantly through Royal’s Trader’s Corner.

The Royal Research Platform

Create your very own dashboard by personalising the Royal Research Platform. Choose your preferred language, timezone, and all tickers you’re tracking. Customise alerts, filter views, and re-organise sections the way you like. And when you’re looking for a bit more detail, simply double click on an instrument and instantly see all the details you need to make more informed trading decisions.

Education On-Demand

Making sure you and every trader that comes through our doors is happy and well educated is something that’s been at the heart of Royal from day one! To help you gain insight on how the markets work, Royal offers a range of instructional videos presented by the world-renowned Martin J. Pring, who is an expert in Technical Analysis. Start anywhere and learn how to put a trade together, how to interpret trend lines, moving averages, support and resistance, and much more. Every module includes a quiz to check if you're ready to take it to the next level and help you learn at your own pace.

Analyst Views

Analyst Views give you the big picture on all your trading ideas, technical updates, support/resistance levels, preferred/alternative opinions, and the most recent updates and opportunities across Forex, Stocks, Commodities and Indices. That’s a lot of information! Whether you have a trading position or are looking to enter a new one, Analyst Views will help you make your next trading decision with confidence.

Featured Ideas

The only idea generator a Forex trader will ever need! Featured ideas, lists opportunities and provides direction on trades. You can customise findings according to your preferred currency pairs, bar size, time frames, and your favourite technical indicator. See the current status for each opportunity, and easily track the performance of your favourite pairings.

Technical Insights

See all your trading strategies with actionable insights on virtually every instrument in the market in one place. All you have to do is select Technical Insights, pick your favourite technical indicators, candle patterns, or oscillators, and Trading Central’s advanced technology will scan the markets instantly to find all the available opportunities that match your criteria. Choose an idea, set email alerts and create your own watchlist from lists including; ‘Most Recently Viewed’, ‘Most Viewed Bullish’, ‘Most Popular’, ‘Trending Now’ and ‘Most Viewed Bearish’. Traders Insights also has a glossary where you can get definitions on all technical indicators used.


Watch videos on the latest trade ideas and market commentary straight from the New York Stock Exchange. Updated daily, WebTV offers unmatched coverage on global equities, currencies, and commodities.

Technical & Newsbrief Newsletter

Get actionable daily trade ideas and market-moving news. Written by expert analysts, these technical and fundamental newsletters will keep you up to date on trade ideas and timely trade opportunities – and you’ll receive them directly to your inbox!

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  • Access to techincal analysis on over 8000 global instruments.
  • Analysis and commentary in multiple languages
  • Trade recommendations for each asset class.
  • Technical analysis alerts, based on the previous days closing prices.
  • Fully customisable tool, allowing you to build your own portfolio and
  • be notified of any changes in real time.
  • Personalised email notification alerts.
  • User tutorials, making it easy to understand.
  • Key levels, forecasts, strategies and commentary integrated into your
  • MT4 platform with Trading Central's Indicator.

Important Note

The information and analysis provided here has been produced by Third-party owned and operated solutions and Royal Financial Trading does not represent that this material is accurate, current, or complete and it should not be relied upon as such. The material is general in nature and has been prepared for informational purposes only without regard to any individual's investment objectives, financial solution, or means. The Information is not to be construed as a recommendation; or an offer to buy or sell; or the solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any security, financial product, or instrument; or to participate in any particular trading strategy. Readers should seek independent financial advice before considering investing in these products and services. Readers are advised that Historical Performance is no indication of future returns.

Readers should also be mindful that as with all technology applications there are inherent weaknesses and that the operating system is dependent on stable telecommunication networks among other things. Trading over the internet using these tools may be disrupted resulting in unforeseen losses that may be in excess of client account balances. Royal Financial Trading accepts no responsibility or liability for the operation of the services, damage to computer or computer systems or settings, loss of data, revenue or profits which users may incur from their use.

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