AUD/USD Forex Pair Overview
Quick Overview • The Australian dollar, or AUD for short, is the official currency of the Commonwealth of Australia.
• AUD ranked as the 5th most-traded currency in 2016, accounting for 6.9% of daily turnover in the forex market (behind USD, EUR, JPY, and GBP).
• AUDUSD is one of the seven major currency pairs in the forex market.

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Australia currently stands as the 13th most-productive country in the world with a GDP value of 1.38 trillion U.S. dollars. While this may pale against its contemporaries such as the United States or China, Australia owes much of its success to their abundance of natural resources, unique location in global trade, and Western approach to business and governance. Such conditions allow the country to thrive in the global economy and present investors with significant opportunities in the forex market. But like any other currency pair, AUDUSD is affected by a multitude of factors that can take the value in either direction.

These factors include, but are not limited to:
• Gold
• Mineral Resources
• Economic Conditions
• Reserve Bank of Australia
• Trade with Asia
• U.S. Conditions
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Convert from AUD to USD All forex transactions involve the simultaneous exchange of one currency for another.

AUDUSD is quoted as the value of the base currency, which in this case is AUD, in relation to the counter-currency, which is USD.

Here is an example of an AUD/USD conversion.
Lets assume I have AUD100,000 and I wish to convert to USD at an AUDUSD exchange rate of 0.7338.
In this example, our AUD100,000 is worth USD73,380. That is, for every 1 AUD I convert, I receive 0.7838 USD

However, Forex rates are never static and continuously changing, as the rate of exchange is dictated by many market participants and their demand for a currency at that particular time
AUD/USD Forex Chart